Latest Updates – July online report!

Twinned Fluorite
Photo Copyright - The Arkenstone

This report is a summary about what has been going on with our featured mineral-dealers during the past month.

– The Arkenstone

This month, there were two website updates from The Arkenstone both launched on July the 13th.

The first one includes a large and fine selection of minerals from the Ross C. Lillie collection. Nearly half of them are already sold but there are still plenty of excellent specimens available in there.

Here are two of my favorites:

1 – Twinned Fluorite – Sub-Rosiclare Level, Annabel Lee mine, Illinois, USA – Small Cabinet

Twinned Fluorite
Photo Copyright – The Arkenstone

2 – “L shaped” Fluorite – Minerva #1 Mine, Cave-in-Rock, Hardin Co., Illinois, USA – Small Cabinet

L Shaped Fluorite
Photo Copyright – The Arkenstone

Their second update included a mix of minerals from worldwide localities. One of my favorites:

3 – Rhodochrosite on Tetrahedrite – Corner Pocket, Sweet Home Mine, Colorado, USA – Cabinet

Rhodochrosite - Sweet Home mine
Photo Copyright – The Arkenstone

– e-rocks

Hundreds or maybe thousands of minerals have been available on e-rocks this month, from various dealers from all around the world. Their auctions included all sorts of mineral specimens from rarities and micromounts up to cabinet-sized classics offering a huge variety and diversity to the happy bidders!

Here are three highlights:

1 – Fluorite – Schacht 78 Mine, Frohnau, Annaberg, Saxony, Germany – Miniature

Fluorite - Germany
Photo Copyright – Wittig Minerals

2 – Silver – Kongsberg, Norway – Miniature

Silver - Norway
Photo Copyright – Wendel Minerals

3 – Baryte & Malachite – Mashamba West Mine, Katanga, Congo (Democratic Republic) – Small Cabinet

Baryte - Congo
Photo Copyright – Viamineralia

– Weinrich Minerals

Weinrich minerals with frequent website updates & auctions offer a great variety of minerals at nearly all price levels! July was an interesting month as usual and I would strongly encourage that you visit their website and use their advanced search tool to find a specimen for your collection!

Here are my favorites from their latest updates:

1 – Fluorapatite – Slyudyanka, Lake Baikal, Irkutskaya, Prebaikalia, Russia – Cabinet

Fluoroapatite - Russia
Photo Copyright – Weinrich Minerals

2 – Fluoroapatite – Panasqueira Mine, Covilha, Castelo Branco, Portugal – Cabinet

Fluoroapatite - Panasqueira
Photo Copyright – Weinrich Minerals

3 – Cuprite with Chrysocolla – Mashamba West Mine, Kolwezi, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo – Cabinet

Cuprite - Congo
Photo Copyright – Weinrich Minerals

– Bob Griffis Minerals

Bob Griffis Minerals kept their website up to date with three new mineral updates this month!

Their first update included thumbnails from a collection they acquired recently. Here is a nice one:

1 – Rhodochrosite with Pyrite – Sunnyside Mine (American Tunnel), Eureka District, San Juan Co., Colorado, USA – Thumbnail

Rhodochrosite - Sunnyside mine
Photo Copyright – Bob Griffis Minerals

Their second update included  Magnetite specimens from Utah with some unusual associations!

2 – Magnetite with Fluorapatite – Iron Springs District (Three Peaks), Iron Co., Utah, USA – Large Cabinet

Magnetite - Utah
Photo Copyright – Bob Griffis Minerals

Their third update and last one for this month included California Fluorites!

3 – Fluorite – Afton Canyon area, Cady Mts., San Bernardino Co., California, USA – Miniature

Fluorite - California
Photo Copyright – Bob Griffis Minerals

– GreekRocks

Christos Spiromitros from GreekRocks has been posting weekly auctions on e-rocks with some of his better Greek Minerals and he will keep launching auctions in a weekly basis. Their latest update included some superb minerals from Greece and here are some of the highlights:

A gigantic fluorite specimen from Lavrion:

1 – Fluorite – Sounion mine, Lavrion, Greece – Museum

Fluorite - Lavrion
Photo Copyright – GreekRocks

A killer miniature of Glaucocerinite from the Type Locality:

2 – Glaucocerinite – Serpieri mine, Lavrion, Greece (Type Locality) – Miniature

Glaucocerinite - Lavrion
Photo Copyright – GreekRocks

A rich, sizeable and excellent annabergite specimen from Lavrion:

3 – Annabergite, Gaspeite, Calcite – km-3 mine, Lavrion, Greece – Small Cabinet

Annabergite - Lavrion
Photo Copyright – GreekRocks

We will be posting reports from more dealers soon as most of the well-known mineral dealers have already accepted our invitation to join this venture and they will be with us soon!