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GreekRocks – Auction Finale!

Annabergite - km-3 mine, Lavrion, Greece

During the past several weeks, we have been posting a series of auctions with high quality minerals from Greece. This is what we intend to keep doing! Those who browse the internet for Greek minerals will have noticed that there are Greek minerals available at auctions but sadly, the quality is low. What we do to stand out is that we have increased the overall quality of our auction items dramatically. The start prices are a bit higher to protect a small portion of our high costs for acquiring them, but you can still get fine Greek minerals at 10-20% of their market value (80-90%-off) ! This is a great chance for all of you to start a Greek collection without having to spend your annual budget on just that.

Our latest auction ends in 24 hours and can be seen here: GreekRocks Auction

Always remember that every Wednesday on e-rocks it is GreekRocks night! One of our auctions ends and a new one begins!