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2016 Online Report!

Photo Copyright - The Arkenstone

This report shows some highlights from our featured mineral-dealers for the past 3 months!

– The Arkenstone

The Arkenstone has been very active for the past trimester with 4 major website updates and hundrends of fine minerals on!

Do not forget to check frequently, there are lots of fine mineral specimens available there, starting at 10$!

Here are a couple of  specimens from their latest update that caught my eye:

1 – Adamite (Cuprian and REE-enriched) – Hilarion mine, Lavrion, Greece – Miniature

Photo Copyright – The Arkenstone

2 – Rhodochrosite ps. Calcite, with Quartz – Madem-Lakkos mine, Chalkidiki, Greece

Photo Copyright – The Arkenstone

– Weinrich Minerals

Weinrich minerals is one of the most active mineral dealers online. They add dozens of news specimens weekly, update their discounted galleries and auction minerals at their own Auction venue.

I picked two specimens from their latest updates that I love.

1 – Aquamarine on Quartz – Shigar Valley, Pakistan – Cabinet

Photo Copyright – Weinrich Minerals

2 – Elbaite with Lepidolite – Barra de Salinas, Minas Gerais, Brazil – Cabinet

Photo Copyright – Weinrich Minerals

– Spirifer Minerals

Spirifer Minerals is one of the most active European dealerships with presence at all major mineral shows. They also have a strong online presence with an Online Store and Auctions. What I also love about them are the very interesting articles they publish on their website!

Here are two mineral specimens from their online store that I specifically like:

1 – Fluorite – Rogerley mine, United Kingdom – Small Cabinet

Photo Copyright – Spirifer Minerals

2 – Cerussite – Nakhlak mine, Anarak, Iran – Small Cabinet

Photo Copyright – Spirifer Minerals

– Bob Griffis Minerals

Bob Griffis has also been quite active for the past few months with several website updates. They specialize in classic and uncommon localities and they offer great terms & reasonable pricing.

I picked these two mineral specimens from their latest updates:

1 – Hematite with Quartz – Veta Grande claim, La Paz co., Arizona, USA – Miniature

Photo Copyright – Bob Griffis Minerals

2 – Elbaite – Himalaya mine, San Diego county, California, USA – Thumbnail

Photo Copyright – Bob Griffis Minerals

– Viamineralia

Viamineralia has impressed us once again with their fine mineral updates and auctions on e-rocks!

Here are my two picks from their website:

1 – Mimetite – Pingtouling mine, China – Miniature

Photo Copyright – Viamineralia

2 – Tourmaline, Lepidolite – Jonas mine, Brazil – Miniature

Photo Copyright – Viamineralia

– GreekRocks

During the past few months we have been active mostly through e-rocks (for our more affordable minerals) and private deals. You can view our seller pages & current auction on e-rocks. Our website will be updated with new minerals soon, just before the end of 2016.

Here are two of our highlighted minerals:

1 – Epidote – Kimmeria, Xanthi, Greece – Small Miniature

Photo Copyright – GreekRocks

2 – Smithsonite on Fluorite – Sounion mine, Lavrion, Greece – Thumbnail

Photo Copyright – GreekRocks

– e-rocks

As e-rocks is not one dealer but the combination of many dealers, including some that are members of , there cannot be any specific picks.

However, I strongly encourage you to visit and view thousands of minerals available online, either at auction, or at buy-now status.

It is a wonderful online world of minerals including many affordable but also quality choices.