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Weinrich Minerals – New Updates – Auction Closing

Fluorite with Barite - Moscona Mine, Solis, Llanera, Asturias, Spain
We continue to add new specimens to the website galleries.  To see these directly, go to “Latest Additions” on the home page.


This is a reminder that the auction will close this evening at 7 p.m. eastern standard time.  There are 140 great specimens in this auction.  Some of the highlights include:
  1. showy rhodonite from Peru
  2. neat almandine from Europe
  3. showy red quartz from Russia
  4. large fine amethyst from South Africa
  5. superb spessartine from Pakistan
  6. attractive rhodochrosite from Peru
  7. well crystallized sylvanite from Romania
  8. choice Cornish tetrahedrite
  9. attractive well crsytallized rose quartz from Brazil
  10. gem fluorite from Russia
  11. excellent pieces from Tennessee
  12. large showy stalactitic amethyst from Brazil
  13. large very fine stibnite crystal grouping from Nevada
Plus many others.  To view these directly go to the Auction Link on the home page.