Latest Updates – Featured Rough and Cut Mineral Auction Ends Tonight!

Preobrazhenskite - Inder, Atyrau Province, Kazakhstan (Type Locality)
Rough and Cut Sets
We rarely offer rough and cuts, but we have a real treat this week. We have 21 sets of rough and cut gems and minerals from various worldwide localities. Plenty of your favorites including: Tanzanite, Spessartine, Kyanite and Euclase along with lots less common items like Cuprite, Wulfenite, Anhydrite and Pollucite, and hard to find rarities including, Catapleiite, Pyrargyrite, Rinkite and Preobrazhenskite!
Some sets are valued in the THOUSANDS of dollars, so be sure to check out everything. Don’t miss out on these beauties; there are some really attractive and worthwhile sets in the mix, all with $10 RESERVE STARTING BIDS.