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Weinrich Minerals – New Updates – New Auction

Azurite - Blue Jay Claim, La Sal, San Juan Co., Utah, USA
We continue to add new specimens to the website. Over 100 new specimens from the Wadleigh collection have been added in the last 12 hours. Be sure to check out our Latest Additions.
This is a reminder that 127 new auction specimens are now available. This auction will close in evening of Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 7 p.m. EST.
Highlights include:
  • beautiful Russian sphalerite/chalcopyrite combination
  • outstanding matrix aquamarine specimen from Pakistan
  • classic British campylite
  • beautiful red crocoite from Australia
  • gem elbaite from Connecticut
  • Aquamarine from Maine
  • excellent stibnite specimens; elbaite crystals from California and Pakistan
  • very pretty pink calcite from Morocco
  • Plus many others
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