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Website Use is a news website with useful information for mineral collectors, built around mineral-dealers. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Be up-to-date: Keep track of new updates on mineral-dealers’ websites
  • Know who you buy from: Find info about the mineral-dealers themselves
  • Read online reports: Our monthly reports on what’s new or interesting on mineral-dealers’ websites.
  • Read Articles: We will be posting various interesting, mineral-related articles
  • Events: Important information about major mineral-related events such as mineral shows
  • Magazines & Press: Find out about mineral magazines or DVDs
  • Advertise your Business


The world of minerals is a fascinating one. However, have you ever wondered how would it be without mineral dealers? Mineral Dealers are those who fund all of the mineral-related websites, magazines, locals who dig for minerals, relevant businesses and more. If there were no mineral dealers there would be no Mineralogical Record, Lapis and so on, no mindat, minfind etc, no mineral-shows and very few local collectors would have had the incentive to search and dig for minerals. We owe the mineral world to them. And yet again here is a website funded by them, which enriches your knowledge, helps you find and learn more about mineral dealers and keeps you posted. Based on these thoughts, my idea was to create a serious, sophisticated website with useful content so that they can promote their businesses in a way the deserve.

Who we are

The founder of this website is Christos Spiromitros, mineral dealer and owner of GreekRocks.

We accept dealers’ contributions who will help increase the content of this website and also any other individuals’ contributions. Anyone who has a good article to post, is welcome to do so, for free (with a limit of 1 article/month/individual, featured articles have a small fee).